Lower School

Where it All Begins!

“It is paramount to us at Beacon for learning to be real, relatable and relevant.”

At Beacon, we take our youngest Scholars’ developmental needs very seriously. Through years of experience, our skilled teachers understand the gradual and radical shifts that children are experiencing physically, emotionally and socially, so we make sure that first and foremost our school is a nurturing place. As a result, we have created an environment  where young Scholars can feel constructive, happy, safe, and recognized respectively. 

In the Lower School, classrooms are prepared with materials that are appropriate for a child’s developmental age, interests and abilities. The materials enable learning to progress naturally from concrete to abstract. The curriculum is vertically aligned to connect the dots and prevent learning gaps. Our methodologies and strategies take advantage of Scholars sensitive periods in order to maximize learning. Our scholars learn by doing, rather than being told. Control of error is embedded in the majority of the materials allowing Scholars to be the architects of their own knowledge. More importantly, Scholars have the freedom of time – Ample time to learn, practice, repeat and master.  

Our Lower School program is a warm and supportive community with exuberant learners. We promote student-centered learning with the mission to purposefully enable Scholars to pursue their own natural curiosity, cultivate tenacity and learn about themselves and others in deep and meaningful ways. During their time in the lower school, students develop the skills of order, coordination, concentration, independence, collaboration, play, mindfulness, and resilience which serve as valuable building blocks for future learning.

Teaching and learning in the Lower School provide Scholars with a dynamic experience that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Our Teaching Methods:

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