Campus and Classrooms

Beacon Academy of Arts and Sciences is conveniently nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Puits Blain, Haiti.

21st Century Classrooms

The campus has 14 classrooms that are used for core subjects and electives, a library, indoor playroom, outdoor playground and a cafeteria. The classrooms are thoughtfully designed and purposefully organized to create optimal learning environments. Each room is equipped with large windows and is air conditioned in order to provide comfort and to create better air quality. The rooms are brightly lit with a combination of natural and artificial lighting that improves mood and stimulates concentration. The color schemes Green, Orange, White and Grey were carefully chosen to convey clarity and simplicity. Decorations are kept to a minimum in order to avoid sensory overload.       

Furniture was meticulously selected and tactfully arranged to encourage collaboration and foster independence. Each space is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, allowing for movement, accommodate different learning styles, enable various methods of instruction, and adapt to students’ changing needs. The rooms are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Each classroom is filled with educational materials that appeal to a Scholar’s sense of beauty and evoke a desire to be explored. 

Outdoor Environments

Research demonstrates that non-academic activities, especially those in unstructured settings, contribute greatly to a student’s overall positive self-concept.


Our playground and playroom are equipped with materials that arouse and promote interactive, imaginative and physical play. In these environments, Scholars will engage in both recreational play as well as a structured physical education program, one that is designed to develop and refine their coordination, cognitive skills,  fine and gross motor skills, socialization, teamwork and problem-solving skills.


Our outdoor cafeteria encourages a student-centered experience, one that Scholars will look forward to. In the Lower School, Scholars dine “Family-style” not only as a safety measure, but to promote healthy eating habits and social skills. Scholars are afforded an opportunity to recharge and enjoy a nutritious meal while practicing appropriate mealtime habits and having meaningful peer-interactions. Equipped with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, trash and recycling receptacles, we ensure the storage, temperature control, and disposal of food items and beverages.    

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