Would my child be known?

Would my child be challenged? 

Would my child be happy?

“Scholars commit to courageously upholding their ethical perspective, questioning the status quo and acting decisively in the face of injustice.”

These are some of the questions that tend to reverberate in the minds of many parents as they wrestle to choose a school setting that is a “best match” for their children. At Beacon, we take these concerns to heart. In response, we have created a structured environment with a well-integrated and developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets Scholars social and intellectual needs.

Rigor: Our program can best be described as progressively rigorous. As experienced educators, we know the content knowledge that is considered indispensable today will most likely be seen as mundane tomorrow. But, we are certain, cognitive flexibility, a love of learning, respect for self and others will always be vital. For example, while Scholars are analyzing and creating a visual representation of the setting of a beloved classic story, they are also learning how to share it virtually while following the ethical codes of digital citizenship. In other words, while our curriculum reflects some traditional practices, we are always ready and willing to shift with the paradigm.

Relationship: We believe that learning is social. Therefore, we strive to create a positive school culture.  Some of the hallmarks of our program are our one-to-one instructional model which enables teachers to bond with students and to gain a deeper understanding of their unique learning profile. Learning platforms are provided daily for Scholars and teachers to practice social thinking. Moreover, Scholars learn to rely on teachers as coaches rather than enforcers, while utilizing strategies to resolve internal and external conflicts with respect and peace.

Happiness: We follow the child by allowing Scholars to satisfy their innate curiosity. Consequently, they are free to choose their work from our prepared classroom environment and can progress at their own pace. Through self-initiated tasks, Scholars gain autonomy and develop self-discipline. They also tend to become intrinsically motivated and generate great satisfaction from their own accomplishments. But, more importantly, they are engaged in playful exploration that preserves the wonder and excitement of childhood. These approaches enable learning to take place organically and tranquilly.

We hope that these hallmarks strongly appeal to you. If so, you may be wondering what we expect from a prospective Beacon family.

In considering an application, the Admissions Committee uses a triangulation of data. First and foremost, we want to admit families with values that are aligned with our mission. Further, we seek children whose academic disposition and affective skills will enable them to thrive. Last, but certainly not least, we will prioritize children who, by means of their presence and unique perspective, will enrich our diverse learning community.

We implore you to visit our campus, meet with an admissions officer and hopefully your child too will become a “Bold Stallion.” 


Admissions Committee

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